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A little PNW, a little POP.

Three Tree Crafts is a pop culture & nature-inspired collectibles brand in the Pacific Northwest.


As real as it gets.

Our focus is on creating quality products that surprise and captivate your senses.


Photo credits - & @hester_photo

What we're about.


Here in the Pacific Northwest, we're surrounded by monumental mountains & conifer forests blanketed in moss & fungi.

The feats of nature & fauna that surround the PNW inspire our style & design.

Pop Culture

Through Pop Culture we share experiences in stories told & played out in video games, film, music, television, and sports.

We get attached to the characters involved, & feel as if they are part of our story.


We strive to build time-honored craftsmanship into each product through technique & attention-to-detail using modern & innovative crafting methods.

Each & every item passes through human hands throughout the process of it's creation.


These days, it's too much about quantity over quality.

We aim to be above the standard & WOW you with the minutia.

That's what we're about.