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Leviathan Axe Inspired Keychain

Leviathan Axe Inspired Keychain

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Infused with the echoing screams of twenty frost trolls. Give or take.

This impressively detailed and unique keychain inspired by the Leviathan Axe from the God of War series is the perfect accessory for any fan of the series. The keychain is expertly crafted from high-quality silver-plated metal to mimic the iconic weapon. The keychain features intricate details such as the rune carvings and the intricate design of the axe head and handle.

This keychain is perfect for God of War fans, gamers, or anyone looking for a unique and functional accessory. It's perfect to attach to your keys, purse, or bag. It comes with a large key ring, making it easy to attach.


Although the edges are dull, the points are sharp & can cause physical harm if mishandled, as with any sharp object like a writing pen or safety scissors. This item is meant only as an adult collectible. Keep out of reach of children.


Length ~3.5" (Not including chain + keyring)

Blade ~1.25 Front Edge - Back Edge


Keep away from water

Wipe with a soft cloth

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