Three Tree Crafts is a pop culture & nature-inspired collectibles brand in the Pacific Northwest. Our focus is on creating unique products that exude vanity to surprise and captivate your senses.

Here in the Pacific Northwest (PNW), we're surrounded by amazing feats of nature. Seemingly endless dominating conifer forests & rivers fed by melting snow-covered mountain tops, blanketed in moss & mushrooms. The feats of nature & fauna that surround the PNW inspire our style & design.

In the cities, Pop Culture very much dominates the landscape. Through Pop Culture we share experiences in stories told & played out in video games, film, music, television, and sports. We get attached to the characters involved, & feel as if they are part of our story.

We blend our inspirations of Pop Culture icons and Mother-Nature to design objects that look & feel more alive. Alive with collective human imagination, time-honored craftsmanship, & vanity.

A little PNW, a little Pop.

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