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Engraved Handmade Slate & Wood Oil Candle

Engraved Handmade Slate & Wood Oil Candle

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6oz Unscented Candle Oil

Handmade engraved natural slate & acacia wood oil candles.

  • Natural
  • USA Handmade & Original
  • Reusable & Long Lasting
Add a natural & peaceful mood to a room with an eye-catching original candle & nose-catching scents. Even without being lit these candles make a decorative statement, and look great from any angle. Create your own personalized scent by adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils like pine or rosemary to unscented fuel. The fiberglass wick never needs to be replaced, and each candle comes with a small funnel for ease of refilling.


Full Capacity Burn Time

40 Hours



1 Candle
1 Funnel


6oz odorless lamp oil. Non toxic and readily biodegradable.


Do NOT push the wick down into the candle. It will be very difficult to recover.

Keep the candle flat when filled at all times.
Do not soak in water.


Pinch wick & glass insert together and pull both out
Insert funnel
Slowly pour fuel through funnel into candle
Capacity 6oz


4" Wide
~2" Tall

5mm Wick Hole

*Every candle varies slightly in size with varying slate thickness and bowl height.


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