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Crab Pseudo Scorpion with Amanita Mushroom

Crab Pseudo Scorpion with Amanita Mushroom

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A Crab Pseudo Scorpion Parasect inspired sculpture with a light-up Amanita Muscaria Mushroom šŸ„šŸ¦—.

  • OOAK
  • Realistically Textured
  • Illuminating
  • Three Tree Crafts Original

This Crab Pseudoscorpion Parasect inspired sculpture is made with Worbla(Body), silicone(Mushroom,Eyes,Mandibles), fiber(Antenna), and wire(Internal Support). The mediums used give this sculpture a unique sense of realism.

The silicone mushroom can be positioned with a wire in the stem, and lights up with the flip of a switch to power a UV LED Halo within.

It takes one 12V common household wall socket to power. The wire exits through the end of the abdomen.

Each of these are handmade from 82 individual pieces (not including support wire), and are completely unique; no two are %100 alike. This is 2/??. Please check my listings for more variations.

  • This is made to be set on a mostly flat surface and is sturdy enough to be handled !carefully!
  • The appendages are fixed, do not forcibly twist/bend them excessively.
  • The internal wires allow only a !couple! minor tweaks to posture at the "knees" and "wrists".
  • Picking it up by the mushroom, or scooping underneath the torso are the safest ways to handle this piece.
  • The painted wash (black & brown spots) on the mushroom can and will rub off with skin oils when handled.
  • The silicone eyes and mandibles may be touched and bent very slightly, do not pull them.
  • Keep away/out from/of direct and indirect heat. Worbla is a thermoplastic and will warp starting at 65Ā°C / 150Ā°F.

Height x Width x Depth - 4" x 5.5" x 6"


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