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Cicada Nymph with Light Up Mushroom on Mossy Cork Bark

Cicada Nymph with Light Up Mushroom on Mossy Cork Bark

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A Cordyceps Mushroom-Zombified Cicada Nymph with Mycelium Wings🍄🦗.

  • OOAK
  • Realistically Textured
  • Illuminating
  • Glow-In-The-Dark
  • Three Tree Crafts Original

The cicada is a worbla sculpture mounted on cork bark - add your own flair with air plants! (not included) The silicone mushroom lights up with the press of the button and glows in the dark. This is 2/??. Please check my listings for more.

Each of these are handmade and are completely unique pieces, no two alike. This is 2/??.

  • This is made to be leaned in a display case or similar and is sturdy enough to be carefully handled.
  • DO NOT pull or hold the sculpture by the mushroom cap.
  • The appendages are fixed, do not try to twist/bend them.
  • (Keep away/out from/of direct and indirect heat. Worbla is a thermoplastic and will warp starting at 65°C / 150°F.)
  • The moss is brittle and may snap if mishandled.

It takes one (included) CR2032 20MM Coin Cell Battery.


Height x Width x Depth - 6" x 5" x 4"

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