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Butterfly Chrysalis Pendant

Butterfly Chrysalis Pendant

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A symbol of metamorphosis, of change.

Every purchase is made to order.

  • Wearable
  • Personalizable
  • Fidgetable/Actionable
  • Three Tree Crafts Original

This is a Chrysalis accessory designed to hide a marble within. The two halves are held together by elastic strings, easily pulled apart to reveal the marble. Not only a fashion statement, but also a self-regulating fidget sensory tool.


There are multiple colors of the Chrysalis, including black, chromatic brown, chromatic green, purple, and silver. Please note these colors change with the direction and type of lighting, especially the chromatic types. Black and purple variations have a glitter effect.

~ You may choose which marble you prefer, with current options being Tiger Eye or Blue Tiger Eye.

~ Lastly choose your preference of a necklace (bronze) or keychain (silver).

*Each necklace/keychain comes with a pair of glass leaves, which may vary in color and may break under pressure.

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