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Shedinja Inspired Cicada Nymph with Mushroom & Driftwood Stand

Shedinja Inspired Cicada Nymph with Mushroom & Driftwood Stand

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A Cordyceps Mushroom-Zombified Cicada Nymph 🍄🦗

  • OOAK
  • Realistically Textured
  • Glow-In-The-Dark
  • Three Tree Crafts Original

This Shedinja inspired cicada is a worbla sculpture with one glow-in-the-dark silicone mushroom on Pacific Madrone driftwood with a custom 3D printed stand. The sculpture can be removed from the driftwood, and likewise the driftwood from the stand. The sculpture itself is hollow and filled with preserved moss. This piece looks fantastic among house plants or in a garden!

Each of these are handmade and are completely unique pieces, no two %100 alike. This is 8/??. Please check my listings for more.

  • This is made to be set flat and is sturdy enough to be carefully handled.
  • DO NOT pull or hold the sculpture by the mushroom cap.
  • The sculpture can be removed from the driftwood via hook, and can be displayed individually. The driftwood can be removed from the 3D printed stand, and is held on with magnets.
  • The appendages are fixed, do not try to twist/bend them.
  • (Keep away/out from/of direct and indirect heat. Worbla is a thermoplastic and will warp starting at 65°C / 150°F.)

Height x Width x Depth - 4.5" x 5" x 5.25"

***Please be aware I do not accept returns or refunds. I am a small creator. Please be confident in your purchase, and reach out with any questions or concerns before purchasing.***

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