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Shedinja Cicada Shell Exoskeleton Sculpture

Shedinja Cicada Shell Exoskeleton Sculpture

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This is a handmade hollow Shedinja (Cicada Exoskeleton Pokemon) "sculpture" made completely out of worbla and foam. The halo is a resin cast with added LEDs powered by a 12v wall plugin power supply and can be turned on/off via the built in switch.  The inside of Shedinja and it's halo glow in the dark as shown in the last two photos, and the halo's glow is self "activated" by the LEDs, no flashlight holding required! Shedinja can be quickly disconnected from the power supply and be carried around separately.

All pieces were initially sculpted out of clay, molded, and cast with resin. The resin casts were then used to achieve the shape of the worbla, while keeping the sculpture completely hollow.


~Dimensions (Front, Resting)
Height – 8.25" / 21cm (To top of halo)
Width – 6" / 16cm (Wingspan)
Depth – 6" / 16cm (Front to Back/Wingtip)
Weight (Unplugged) ~ 9oz / .03kg

Please be aware these are entirely handmade, and will be unique in various aspects including exact shape, color, etc.

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